7 Day Device Detox Challenge (PDF)

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Looking for solutions for your child’s device addiction?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids could have alternative activities and resources to go to when they are bored and looking for a quick fix?

Imagine your kids had the resources and tools to not only find new creative ideas on what to do when they are bored but they also had emotional mastery and mindset skills building exercises that are setting a foundation for success?

They Can!

Our :: printable :: 7 Day Device Detox Challenge workbook PDF is a wonderful resource to add to your extra curricular activities designed for ages 6-13. Wonderful for school breaks and rainy days where you are looking for a fun and educational activity.  This challenge can be done together as a family or you can invite friends to join them in the challenge. Together is better!  It’s a wonderful way to create deeper bonds between you and your child as well as deepening friendships and community.

It includes 26 printable pages of mindset set, emotional empowerment, connection and relationship building exercises that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  The workbooks also includes a parent guide that clarifies how device addictions happen and how to introduce the challenge to your kids so it can be a smooth, easeful, fun transition into balance.

This workbooks gives families an opportunity to create balance, strengthen mindset, emotional empowerment skills while building relationship skills with themselves and others.  Great for teachers, families looking for fun, learning activities at home or in school.

This workbook PDF will be emailed to you after purchase to be printed out.

Please note that each purchase is valid for one family or teacher.  This PDF may not be distributed for free for any exchange. Please reach out to  [email protected] for any questions about ordering.

Please join us on Instagram where we will be doing the challenge with other families and partners.  It’s not about fully taking away the screen time, it’s about creating a healthy relationship with our devices.  We can’t wait to see all your colorful creations and hear about all your journey with the challenge!




Whether your child has an imbalance with device time or you would like to start setting the foundation for mindfulness and emotional empowerment than this is the workbook for you!

The youth learn how to:

Create balance.

Build stronger, healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Cultivate awareness and emotional intelligence from within.


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