Mood Cup Craft! A fun mental health activity for your kids and teens.



I’m Athena.

You are magic and it’s my job is to help you tap into it so you can create the life you were meant to live.



We are human and we have feelings.  We are feeling beings.  Babies express their feelings right from the beginning.  It can be tricky navigating big feelings kids and teens have. Their mental health really does depends on us not only creating a safe space for them to express their feelings in a healthy way but for us to be honest with our own feelings.  A lot of us have grown up with this old program that it’s not safe to talk about our feelings. As if feelings are “bad” or “shameful”.  I’m so grateful that we are healing this limiting belief that has resulted in suicide, addictions and so many mental imbalances that ruin lives.  Thank goodness, we are that now raising our kids to have a more healthy emotional world.  

Looking for a fun and easy after school craft to help build a healthy emotional world for your child?  

Try making mood cups.  It’s easy, fun and doesn’t require many materials.  You probably already have most of the materials you need. This activity is simple but can be very powerful in the first steps of your child’s emotional mastery journey.  It can be the perfect opportunity to discuss emotional mental health with your child.

Connection Tips:

Discuss how it’s OK to feel emotions, identify them and talk to you about it. And most importantly that it’s ok to ask for your help. An example maybe, “Mom, I am feeling grumpy today, can I have a hug?

Having an outside support they can go to is very valuable too since kids and pre-teens feel more safe talking to someone who isn’t their mom. If you know what I mean. 🙂  Here’s a resource that can help and doesn’t require any planning!

Emotion Name Game

As you are checking in on them while they do the craft you can have some fun with it by making up funny names for all our moods. For example, when I’m grumpy I call it, Mr. Grumpyskilston!  While you make up the silly names you can also make a silly face that depicts the mood.  

Noting that when we are moody it doesn’t have to be so heavy.  They are not their feelings and like the weather emotions pass on through and that they can see their moods as characters coming to visit that need some extra loving care and compassion.  

May this craft create learning and bonding fun for the whole family! 

Tag us with your creations, we would love to see! @generationgratitude

» Paper Cups
» Markers and pencilsOne will be for the mood drawings and the second one will go over it to be the outer window frames for the moods.
» Scissors 

1. Give each child 2 cups.
2. On a separate sheet of paper give your kids the chance to brain storm all the feelings faces and things they want to draw.  Asking them to sense what color each mood would be. (This can be optional.)
3. Let the mood fun drawing begin on one cup.
4. On the second cup have them draw a square (Or any shape, window or portal!)  and cut it out.
5. You or the child can write “Mood” above the frame and then “Of The Day” below it.

Whaaa la! You have a fun interactive tool that your kids can use to practice expressing their feelings with.

To dive deeper into supporting your child with emotional mastery,  I know this will help.

Written by Athena Sheehy


Bio:  Athena is a moon auntie, author and an emotional empowerment therapist for kids and teens. Her work has been seen in LA Yoga, Parent Magazine and featured in Gaiam TV.

Her mission is to empower all beings to live in harmony and flow with all the cycles of their lives. Through her books, courses and live workshops she empowers the youth through emotional mastery and mindset techniques that assists them in living a limitless, sovereign life full of inner wisdom, peace, and joy.

Athena believes in the power of supporting the youth in their wellness so they can be a catalyst for great positive change in the world.



I’m Athena.

You are magic and it’s my job is to help you tap into it so you can create the life you were meant to live.

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